February Haiku #3

Moon-lacquered eyes fixed
in your blushing porcelain:
night’s deadly mirror.



for Antonin Artaud

Apprenticed to winter, I
sequestered my mind, reset
its defaults to ice.

Interloper, with your
furnaced organs smelting
lust, your lock picking mouth and
alarming blood heat,

respect the nervous hours spent
erecting the sacred, its treasury
of sculptured taboo,

how I tortured a clean
right angle from every
sensuous curve

which you blaspheme with blushing
hues and a wandering hand
inserting sin like clusters
of spidery eggs.

Undines, be warned, are only sleek
and eel-limbed while in the corset
of the deep sea–they chap
hideously in the sun:

only the abyss is our compromise.
Let us merge in its depths, pricked
by flagellates and
tumescent corals.